Commenting on the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group “REFUGEES WELCOME ?,  “ Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary say :

  • We welcome the APPG report which is right to question the difference in support depending on how people got here, but the crucial thing is the UK welcomes those that are seeking sanctuary with us.
  • We welcome the recommendation to appoint a Minister for Refugees and to devise a National Refugee Integration Strategy in cooperation with members of civil society, faith groups, local authorities and officials from the relevant Government departments
  • Integration is what the refugees, however they arrive here want, as well as what the UK needs to be encouraging
  • Better and more humane ways of family reunion is all part of people settling into our communities.
  • We particularly welcome the recommendation that the 28 day period someone who is granted refugee status has to find somewhere to live and a job and any benefits is extended to at least 50 days, to avoid destitution and homelessness.  Along with better moves for better ESOL provision, a NiNo to be given, support for job searching and health care, this will lead to support across the board for our newly recognised refugees, and better integration into our communities.
  • All of this complements LD4SOS’s call for all those seeking sanctuary to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion, and for them to be able to contribute to life in the UK as they so much want to be able to do.