SallyHamwee3Baroness Sally Hamwee, Liberal Democrat Peer, has come 10th in the Private Members Bill Ballot, and is moving her proposal, drawn up with the assistance of the Refugee Council, for making provision for leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom to be granted to the family members of refugees and to refugees who are family members of British citizens and settled persons; and also to provide for legal aid to be available for refugee family reunion cases and connected purposes.

She says “Anyone who takes a serious interest in the UK having a civilised refugee policy is aware of the restrictions on refugees, including unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, being able to be with their families. ┬áMy private member’s bill on refugee family reunion may stand little chance of becoming law, given the Government’s attitude, but it is important to keep advancing the arguments. It has come high in the ballot in the Lords, so at least that will be possible.”

The full words of the Bill are here HL Bill family reunion

Lib Dems are continuing, wherever and whenever we can, to campaign for safe and legal routes for refugees. Reform of family reunion rules to make it easier for refugees to join relatives already living in safety in the UK is part of this.