Learning to communicate in English

LD4SOS have submitted this policy motion, of learning to communicate in English,  in the hopes that it will be able to be discussed at our September Conference.  Learning to communicate in English final words

(UPDATE – we are pleased to say that it has been accepted for debate at our conference)

Baroness Sally Hamwee said in a House of Lords debate :

Our regard for people is reflected in our language.  I shall say a word about language and Refugee Action’s campaign Let Refugees Learn, a campaign to improve language provision to refugees. Being able to understand and make oneself understood is fundamental to integration. A young woman from the DRC has said:

“One thing I’ve realised, when you can’t talk to people, it’s really very hard. They smile but can’t talk to you and you can’t talk to them”.

There are English language classes with waiting lists of two years and close to 1,000 people, reductions in learning hours and the doubling of class sizes. Teaching English should be regarded as an investment in the often highly skilled and highly motivated people who seek asylum here. Words are our tools, so we should understand the need.