Shaw Review II must focus on cutting detention drastically

As Liberal Democrats we have been championing the cause of ending indefinite detention for immigration purposes for some years now. We have strongly supported every move for the recommendations of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Inquiry into Immigration Detention, and the Government commissioned Shaw Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons.

Two years ago the APPG said that “the UK detains too many people for far too long” and urged government to radically reform the detention system, starting with introducing a 28 day time limit.

18 months ago the Government was urged by the Shaw Report to act “boldly and without delay”. Statistics just released show that there has been no change in the trend of long-term detention.  Thanks to Detention Forum for these graphs showing this so clearly.

Length of detention for those leaving August 2017

Length of detention

Indefinite detention is having a terrible effect on health, and even worse effects on mental health of detainees. £76 million a year is wasted on long term detention of migrants who are ultimately released. Lives and money are being wasted.

You can read more in this excellent blog by Detention Forum here . There is also a good article in The Guardian by Paul Blomfield MP.

But you need to do more than read about it. Share it, put on social media, tweet it with #Time4aTimeLimit, contact the media and your MP about it.

Shaw Review II begins on September 4th and it is important that they know that there is a demand for not just tweaking the system around the edges, but a determined push for a drastic reduction on the use of immigration detention, AND it really is time for a time limit on detention.

people entering and in detention

people entering and in detention

Reasons for leaving detention

Reasons for leaving detention