Nothing like the facts

A range of information documents have now been updated on our website, under “documents”.

These range from 20 Top Facts, information on immigration detention, housing, hosting, Azure Card, Right to Work, and Refugee Resettlement.  Our 2017 election manifesto is there too.

we know that facts are few and far between, and also that real information is needed when campaigning – so do have a look and download what is needed.

links are below, but for future use, go straight to “documents”

20 TOP FACTS 29.08.2017

The Future of UK Immigration Detention.docx August 2017

Right to Work for Asylum Seekers updated 07.09.16

Refugee resettlement.facts Sep 2017 doc

our campaign to end indefinite detention revised August 2017.ML SF

manifesto A5

PDF housing


Creating Safe Routes for Refugees – Policy motion agreed at Conference Sept 2015

Azure card in name only 20 TOP FACTS 29.08.2017