Write for Rights campaign for YOU to do

We are very pleased to hear from Amnesty International that indefinite detention for immigration purposes has been chosen for their Write for Rights campaign and they are asking us to send a card to a UK immigration detainee.  There are details here  https://www.amnesty.org.uk/files/2017-11/Online%20casesheets%20TIER1%20Immigration%20detainees%20WEB.pdf

Please do send a card to give the recipient detainee some hope and to support the campaign to end indefinite detention and to use alternative case work in the community instead of detention. The suggested message is

Dear friend, You are not forgotten. Amnesty International UK and its partners are calling for the Government to introduce a time limit for immigration detention. We support your aspirations for freedom, dignity and a safe place to live.

You can choose the type of card, and you can add your name, but you advised not to include your address.

If you send the card (s) to Amnesty International, they will send to Individuals at Risk, Amnesty International UK, Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard London EC2A 3EA