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We are delighted that the important Family Reunion Bill, changing the law to enable families divided by conflict and persecution to be reunited in Britain, has passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons.

There was a debate first in the House of Lords on the EU withdrawal bill, and thank you Baroness Shas Sheehan for your contribution to this debate, staying up late to speak up for children needing to be reunited with their families.

In the House of Commons next day, the Family Reunion Bill was debated.

Ed Davey reminded the House that this Bill follows on from Sally Hamwee’s in the Lords and that there is no way there is a “pull factor” in driving people to seek sanctuary in the UK, just a “push factor”

Tim Farron spoke in what was a passionate plea for children to be reunited with family after the awful trauma they have been through, to get to the UK.

Well spoken, too, Layla Moran on how reunion can help integration in the UK

Ed Davey spoke again on how every other European Country apart from one supports children being reunited with family

The work is only just beginning though. Whilst 129 MPs from all parties voted for this Bill, it has not been accepted by the Government, and 42 MPs voted against it.

Before the next reading, it is very important that all those MPs who stayed on the Friday and voted for it are thanked, so check here if yours is one of them.

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