Lib Dem spokesman for Home Affairs, Ed Davey MP, said:

Deporting British people, who have spent fifty years making a life here because the Home Office destroyed their papers – it’s a disgrace.  To add insult to injury, the Home Office is now trying to block the scrutiny that made discovering the Windrush scandal possible.

In the Data Protection Bill, there’s a clause that would remove rights to access any immigration-related data the Home Office holds on you, including citizenship.

That would mean you’d have no way to check if the data the Home Office holds on you is right.

And the Home Office continually get things wrong – from mistaken identity to incorrect personal details. This new clause would stop people discovering those mistakes that can lead to grotesque injustices – and mean the Home Office could cover up the next Windrush.” 

Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary are very concerned about this blatant attempt to allow the Home Office to carry on as before.

There are so many other people affected over and above ourselves.  Those seeking asylum; those applying for citizenship; those without indefinite leave to remain.  And many, many EU citizens are extremely worried about their future here in the UK after Brexit.  In every single case the Home Office holds ‘information’ on them which could be life changing.  They must be able to see and check their own data themselves.  They cannot possibly be expected to trust the Home Office on something so important to their lives.  We wouldn’t, would you?
We want this disgraceful clause out of the bill. If this new law goes ahead, the legal right to access your own data will be taken away: you will not be able to check if Home Office records on you are correct, and would have to go to the courts on any decision you disagree with, with no guarantee the Home Office will allow both sides to see the documents it relies on. This will affect anyone whose status in the UK is challenged by the Home Office, and is simply not British justice.

Please do sign up to this petition, and urge everyone else to, too.


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