Immigration debate

Lord Roger Roberts initiated a debate in the House of Lords on immigration procedures, that can be read here.

There were many excellent points made in the debate, including of course a number of Lib Dem Peers. You need to read the full debate, but some of the points made included Roger saying :

  • how self employed people cannot use the Home Office app to apply for settled status for EU Citizens and yet 17.5% of EU Citizens are Self Employed.
  • The rate of Home Office decision failures. Successful appeals gone from 17% in 2005 to 40% in 2016. Huge mistakes being made. Better decision making needed
  • His disgust of the Alf Dubs amendment not being implemented & after 3 years only half of the 480 places filled according to Professor Sue Clayton.       It is a shameful effect on those Kids stranded in the EU
  • Much better treatment and legal advice is needed for unaccompanied children refugees in UK coming up to 18 needed, and he will continue to campaign for this.

Lord John Shipley spoke of the problems of delay and quality of decisions by Home Office giving examples.   He also spoke about the huge problems caused by what amounts to less than 28 days being given to new refugees to find somewhere to live, a job and any benefits.

Lord Tony Greaves made the point that there is a need for a right to appeal & legal aid for it in applications for settled status for EU Citizens

Baroness Sarah Ludford made the point that the Home Office is a byword for inefficiency, maladministration and heartlessness, with its “go home” vans, the Windrush scandal and the hostile environment. The migration and asylum system is not fit for purpose, and is set to fail, with the ridiculous migration target set by the Government.

Roger ended with the saying :

All these measures would give hope and huge self-respect to those who have had the most devastating experiences. I do not want to be part of a society that dehumanises people. We should not treat them as citizens of nowhere; I prefer Socrates’ claim:

“I’m not a citizen of Athens or a citizen of Greece, but a citizen of the world”.

Are we also not richer because of others who have contributed and are contributing to our lives? Remember: we were all immigrants once.