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Liberal Democrats believe that seekers of sanctuary in the UK should be treated humanely, with compassion and respect. They work to do what they can to implement this, and to end the hostile environment.

This Refugee Week, two calls have been made about our commitment to refugees from war torn countries coming here.

Farron calls on Government to take 10,000 child refugees

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron has tabled a motion in Parliament urging the Government to resettle 10,000 refugee children in the UK over the next 10 years – a call backed by the refugee charity Safe Passage and cross-party group of MPs.
The Early Day Motion also calls on the Government to urgently fill the remainder of the 480 places under the so-called ‘Dubs Amendment’ (Section 67 of the Immigration Act 2016), after the Home Office has said that just over 220 unaccompanied refugee children have been relocated from elsewhere in Europe since the scheme began in 2016.

After tabling his motion, Tim Farron said:

“Theresa May’s Conservative Government has failed to uphold the UK’s commitment to child refugees. It is shameful that they’ve taken just 220 children under the Dubs Amendment, which was originally meant to welcome 3,000.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better. If Theresa May is to rescue any legacy at all she should use her last days in office to finally fulfil the promise under the Dubs Amendment. It is time to make a new commitment to provide sanctuary to 10,000 more refugee children over the next ten years.
“The UK must not turn its back on those who’ve been forced to flee their homes and now live in destitution and fear.”

There is more information in this article in Politics Home.

Davey Calls Tory Refugee Resettlement Plan “Woefully Inadequate”.

In addition, earlier in Refugee Week, Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman Ed Davey called the statement on resettlement plans from the Home Secretary “woefully inadequate”

Sajid Javid committed the Government to take another 5,000 refugees in 2020-21, but Ed Davey said: 
“Millions of people around the world have been forced to flee their homes by war and persecution, and the Conservative Government’s response is woefully inadequate.
“Today’s announcement from the Home Secretary falls far short of the 10,000 refugees a year that the Liberal Democrats have been calling to be resettled here, and there is nothing in it for the unaccompanied refugee children still sleeping rough in northern France.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better. The UK must provide safe, legal routes to sanctuary for far more refugees, including resettling unaccompanied children from elsewhere in Europe and allowing those already here to sponsor their parents and other close family to join them.”

You can see more about Lib Dem agreed policy on unaccompanied children and all other refugees, here, and more details of our other policies on Refugees and Asylum Seekers here.