We fully support what Christine Jardine says in the article below.  There is much that Boris Johnson needs to be ashamed of, and this should be highlighted as one of them.

There is often confusion around the labels used to describe asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and migrants and this can be unhelpful.  For many years LD4SOS have been producing leaflets that describe people who leave their country of origin for different reasons.  We even presented one to the BBC, with Lord Roger Roberts.  We have now reworked this leaflet, you can see it here Let’s Get the Names Right Aug 2019.  Please do what you can to pass this on.

Responding to Boris Johnson’s comments on people crossing the Channel, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Christine Jardine said:

“It is just plain wrong for Boris Johnson to label refugees crossing the Channel as ‘illegal migrants’. Quite apart from the dehumanising language, there is nothing illegal about seeking sanctuary in the UK, and it is shameful that we have a Prime Minister who says it is.

“We know that many of these people have fled persecution in Iran. For the Prime Minister to casually dismiss their rights to asylum with no evidence whatsoever is unlawful and inhumane.

“The Liberal Democrats demand better. The way to stop these dangerous crossings is through an effective and compassionate response: investing in a stronger Border Force to stop the smugglers and traffickers, while ensuring safe, legal routes to sanctuary for those forced out of their home countries.”