Housing issues for asylum seekers June 7th 2018

Latest Information on the Aspen Card

Azure card in name only Nov 17

Get The Name Right

A small document for you to print off and take with you , and give to people, to avoid misunderstanding of the different terms do describe asylum seekers and refugees

get the name right 03 10 17

LD4SOS mini manifesto on refugee and asylum issues

The LD4SOS mini manifesto based on Lib Dem policies, on A4

LD4SOS Manifesto for General Election June 2017

contact us if you want a word version to cut and paste from.

Some facts and information

We have a number of fact and information files now, and you can easily download them from the links below.

Please do let us know if you think any are out of date though !

this also includes the latest version of the Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary mini manifesto.

Note that you can see our newsletters in the “newsletter” section of this document

manifesto A5 PDF

20 TOP FACTS 29.08.2017



Refugee resettlement.facts Sep 2017 doc

Right to Work for Asylum Seekers updated 07.09.16

The Future of UK Immigration Detention.docx August 2017

our campaign to end indefinite detention revised August 2017.ML SF

what have we done this year 2016-17.doc RZ ML SF 2 sides A5 CB

Creating Safe Routes for Refugees – Policy motion agreed at Conference Sept 2015