Lib Dems call for cleaner streets

Are you concerned about litter on streets in Low Fell and the rest of Gateshead? Do you feel not enough is done to keep our pavements clear of rubbish?

We can reveal that Gateshead Council spends less than half, as a proportion of its budget, on street cleaning than the other 4 councils in Tyne and Wear. The proportion of the net budget spent on street cleaning for the following Councils is:

South Tyneside Council – 2.5%
North Tyneside Council – 2.03%
Sunderland Council – 1.84%
Newcastle Council – 1.47%
Gateshead Council – 0.8%

The figures came to light in Freedom of Information requests made by local Lib Dems.

Lib Dem Councillor for Low Fell, Daniel Duggan, said, ‘‘People are angry about the amount of litter on our streets. The officers in Gateshead do their best with it but the Labour-run Council regard it as of little importance.

‘‘Neighbouring councils spend much more on keeping the streets clean. If the number of councillors were cut, more money could be spent on street sweeping.

‘‘Only £14 of a Band D property’s £1,782 Council Tax bill is spent on street cleaning in Gateshead. All councils face tough spending choices so why are other authorities able to tackle street sweeping more successfully?

‘‘Liberal Democrats argue that £250,000 can be saved by cutting the number of councillors and putting the savings into cleaner streets. If you agree with us please sign our petition calling on the Council to cut the number of councillors and put the savings from this into street cleaning by visiting’’.

Low Fell Councillor Susan Craig, who leads litter picks in Low Fell, said ‘‘I am proud of Low Fell. As the Council won’t take the issue of cleaner streets seriously, we will continue to organise litter picks in Low Fell. If you can join me and the local Focus Team on a litter pick please call me on 0191 488 0787’’.