The Party’s Immigration, Refugees, & Identity Working Group has confirmed that the Group has opened a second survey which contains broader questions of principle than the previous , including those that were requested by our friends at Lib Dem Immigrants. Hopefully this will go some way to respond to concerns which were raised (including by us) about the previous report of the Working Group. This survey includes key questions like:

  • Is it right that the state should be separating family members at all?
  • Is it the job of employers to be enforcing the immigration system?
  • Are there aspects of the current system of border control that lead to people being wrongly excluded, detained, or harassed?
  • How can we convey to the public that migration is not a significant pressure on public services?
  • How can we avoid dehumanising migrants by treating them purely as economic units?

The working group will be meeting again at the start of May and we would like to be able to feed these responses in to that session. The full survey is available online, please submit any responses by 1pm, Thursday 10 May.