LD4SOS amendments passed by Party Conference – now to campaign for them!

We are very pleased that Liberal Democrats’ Party Conference has adopted a modern, compassionate and progressive asylum policy through approving amendments that were drafted by Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary.

The adoption of this policy means that

*Liberal Democrats are committed to expanding the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme to at least 10k a year and reaching to other world regions.
*Liberal Democrats are pledged to take in 1,000 unaccompanied refugee children a year.
*Liberal Democrats would close 8 of the 10 detention centres in the UK and impose an absolute 28 days limit on detention.
*Liberal Democrats are committed to removing asylum decisions from the Home Office and create a dedicated asylum unit in DFID.
*Liberal Democrats will restore legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers that was removed by LASPO 2012.
*Liberal Democrats will ensure victims of trafficking can testify against trafficking without risk of refoulement.
*Liberal Democrats will expand the refugee definition in UK law to explicitly recognise sexual orientation and gender identification as persecution grounds.
*Liberal Democrats endorse the Refugees (family reunion) bill that would allow refugee minors to reunite with their families.
Now the focus is on campaigning for this policy – and getting Liberal Democrats elected to implement it.