There has never been a better parliamentary opportunity to finally end indefinite detention for immigration purposes. Ending such indefinite detention has long been a key policy for Lib Dems. It has featured in both the 2015 and 2017 manifestos. You can see more detail on our policy paper here. Our MPs and Peers have taken lots of opportunities in Parliament to raise and campaign on the issue. We have worked with Detention Forum who have done brilliant work with all parties and none, too

There is an amendment, that has cross-party support with 100% of Lib Dem MPs signing it.  Also some Labour, Conservative, DUP, Change, Green, SNP, and Plaid MPs already signed up.  Here is an UPDATED List of Conservative MPs to target

We don’t know when this will come before Parliament, but it could be any time now, and it is essential that as many MPs as possible, from all parties are signed up to it.

Detention Forum have drawn up this note that can be sent to MPs. You can see from the link above which MPs have already signed.

So please take the time to send the message below, that is in italics, to make sure that this amendment will be agreed, and we put an end to the inhumane practice of locking people up with no time limit.

We understand that your time in Parliament will be focused on other pressing matters but we hope you would consider supporting the amendments tabled to the Immigration Bill that would introduce a 28-day time limit on how long an individual can be held in immigration detention.  This link takes you to the amendment.

Just recently the Home Affairs Select Committee released their report into immigration detention and ‘found serious problems with almost every element of the immigration detention system’ and reiterated the need for a 28-day time limit in immigration detention.

This follows the Joint Committee on Human Rights report earlier this year which also called for a 28-day time limit. “

Detention Forum say “We would be happy to provide further briefing on the issue and to the amendment more specifically. For now we are asking MPs to add their names to amendments NC1 – NC8 in the immigration Bill. Further briefings will be available ahead of Report Stage. “