It wasn’t a good day for the UK being the compassionate, caring, outward looking country that many of its citizens want it to be, and we ought to be. This is just a note of what Lib Dems had to say.

In the House of Commons we were so disappointed that every amendment to the Immigration Bill, that had been passed by the House of Lords, was defeated.

As LD4SOS we were particularly upset by defeats on ending indefinite detention and Family Reunion

In the debate on ending indefinite detention Alistair Carmichael asked “Last year, the Government had to pay out £7 million to 272 people who were wrongfully detained. Was that good value for money?” The Minister sidestepped that one. Later Alistair said “ It is worthy of note that the United Kingdom is the only country in Europe that locks people up indefinitely for immigration purposes. Detaining people for months on end without giving them any idea of how long they will be there is clearly inhumane, but it is also expensive and unnecessary. I have long since given up trying to plead with Home Office Ministers on the basis of humanity and compassion, but I would have hoped that a case based on economy and efficiency would find some favour. However, even that seems not to be the case.”

Tim Farron speaking on Family Reunion said, “If we are—and I am sure all of us here are—outraged and filled with compassion and horror at what we have seen in recent times as people have made the death-defying journey across the channel in rickety boats, taking desperate risks because they are desperate people, the answer is most certainly to provide safe and legal routes. Lords amendment 4 gives the Government the opportunity to have a safe and legal route, and to reject it is music to the ears of the human traffickers. I do not yet understand why the Government seek to turn down such a route via either compassion or practical application.

We do wonder if any of the MPs voting against this amendment would want children from their family to be abandoned like this, and not allowed to be with family.

As Ed Davey says “Providing safe and legal routes to sanctuary is the best way to prevent dangerous Channel crossings and defeat the human traffickers & people smugglers.”

Lib Dem policies on safe passage are here and family reunion here

REGISTERING OF CHILDREN AS BRITISH CITIZENS was the debate in the House of Lords Brian Paddick said “why does the Government
want the immigration system to be self-funding in a way that no other
government department is? Controlling immigration is of benefit to all citizens
and should therefore be paid for by all citizens.” He spoke of
Hostile Environment for
migrant children and Roger Roberts added: “imagine how full of worry and
anxiety somebody facing deportation or tribunal is”